Map of Community


Q: What makes Vahakni special?

Vahakni is a peaceful residential community in breathtaking surroundings, away from traffic conjestion, noise and pollution, built according to the highest quality standards, where the common areas and services are maintained by the Homeowners Association.

Q: How far is Vahakni from the center of Yerevan?
A: Vahakni is located in outskirts of Yerevan, on the Ashtarak highway. It is 11.6 km from the Republic Square which makes 15 minutes drive at most.
Q: Are there any special requirements to become a resident at the Vahakni Community?
A: No, there are no requirements, everyone is most welcome.
Q: Am I able to own a land, as well as a house at Vahakni?
A: YES. Both Armenian and foreign citizens are able to own land and house at Vahakni.
Q: What are the future expansion plans at Vahakni?
A: In the nearest future it is planned to build in the community a modern western-style shopping mall, where both local and foreign companies and businesses would be welcomed to open their offices and stores. We are also planning to build an international school, sport complex, library, etc.
Q: Is the Ararat Valley Country Club open to the public?
A: Yes, AVCC is open to the public for a fee. For the annual membership package fee please refer to the AVCC administration.
Q: Are there any Country Club membership privileges for the Vahakni residents?
A: Yes, a family of four will be given a seasonal free membership to the Country Club, providing full access to all the facilities. After one year, Vahakni residents can join AVCC for a reduced fee or enjoy the facilities on a daily basis.
Q: How can I reserve a land in advance?
A: A deposit of 250,000 AMD is required to reserve a land in the phases that are open for sale. For other phases please contact our office. A 15-days grace period will be given to sign the contract. Your deposit is not refundable upon its cancellation.
Q: Are the homes furnished?
A: The private single family homes and townhouses are not furnished, except bathrooms and kitchen. The cost of the built-in appliances is included in the purchasing price.
Q: What is the timeline to build a house?
A: Depending upon the model, size and special features of the house, it takes 12-15 months to finish a construction. Though the winter months and bad weather may delay the process.
Q: What materials are used to build the homes?
A: All the homes are built with concrete blocks. Floors and staircases are of reinforced concrete. Interior non-bearing walls are stud walls, covered with sheetrock (drywall).
Q: Is there a Homeowner's Association fee? What does it include?
A: There is a 45,000 AMD for residential houses and 35,000 AMD for townhouses monthly Homeowner's Association fee which covers: full time security, common areas landscaping and maintenance, sprinkler system, street cleaning, snow removal from roads and common areas, trash collection and street lighting.
Q: Can I insure my home at Vahakni?
A: Of course. One of the things that make Vahakni so special in Armenia is that, your home can be insured to its full value. We have partnered with one of Yerevan’s leading insurance companies to provide a special package for Vahakni residents (including contents and liability). The lack of insurability (or the high cost if it) for real estate entities in general is a deterrent for many buyers, so we are pleased to be able to offer these special arrangements.