Map of Community

Description of process

To buy a house in Vahakni Residential Community, please visit us at Vahakni Community, 50 Gevorg Chaush Street, Yerevan any time during the week, including Saturday and Sunday, from 9am till 6pm. Our security guards will direct you to the Sales Office where our Sales team will introduce you the complete list of available offers in details.

You will be given an opportunity to choose a suitable area for your future house as well as the preferred type of housing, whether it is residential house, townhouse, or custom house. After you have found the house that satisfies your requirements, our lawyer will prepare a preliminary Sales Contract which is a formal presentation of your bid to Vahakni Residential Community. Between the signing of the Sales Contract and final deal, the buyer and the seller will go thorough all the provisions stated in the Contract until an agreement is reached on every point.

Next comes a construction phase which is conducted by a very experienced and skillful team of our construction workers. Another 12-15 months, and you will be enjoying the majestic scenery and spectacular natural beauty of Vahakni Residential Community in the home of your dreams located in your historical Motherland!