Future Prospects of Vahakni Residential Community | Vahakni Residential Community

Future Prospects of Vahakni Residential Community

Like any extensive project, Vahakni Residential Community has clear expansion and development prospects. We have already identified the main areas of development which will make the community a cozier and more attractive place. Back in 2009 the amended project was recognized as the best initiative by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Urban Development. Future developments at Vahakni include construction of a trade and cultural center, housing trade halls of different sizes, cinema, beauty salon, bank, spa center, etc. In addition, the community will boast a high-class school, a kindergarten, a library, as well as medical and business centers.

Another ambitious project at Vahakni is the construction of an urban settlement with 2300 apartments in the south-eastern section of the district. Designed by famous architect Arthur Meschian, the approved project is remarkable for its original and elaborate architectural solutions. The settlement will be upgraded with all urbanized infrastructures common to small towns, with the arrangement of buildings resembling a tranquil waterfall.

Among Vahakni's future plans is the construction of an unprecedented theme park “Armenia Wonderland” within an area of 7 hectares. The park, envisaged as one of Armenia’s landmarks, will include small replicas of the most important historical monuments in Western and Eastern Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh creating a geographical map of unified Armenia.